Bellevue Pulpit

Legendary pulpit to be used during SBC Pastors’ Conference

On any given Sunday, pastors stand behind large pulpits, small pulpits, pub tables, or music stands. Many of those pulpits, though, …

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The boys were hometown heroes, loved, admired, and respected by groupies who believed their favorite to...
I graduated from high school the year of the momentous U.S. Supreme Court decision that imagined...
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Lead with the Good News

Equipping churches and leaders to further the gospel inside & outside the church.

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Ministering to Those Who Have Walked Through COVID Tragedy

It has been a little over a year since COVID disrupted our normal and began to wreak havoc around the world. I believe that COVID has affected each one of us differently and we all are trying to process what just happened in the last year.

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SBTC Podcast

Church Health & Leadership

Welcome to the Church Health and Leadership Podcast made by the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention. We believe that God is actively working in and through the local church today to advance the Great Commission. Tony Wolfe and Jeff Lynn are our hosts, leading relevant discussions related to church leadership, church ministry, and church life. This podcast is created by the SBTC and is provided through Cooperative Program giving.

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Around the World

The Heart of the Sermon

By Michael Visy

Application tends to be one of the hardest parts of the sermon-writing process.

New Resource: Church Health Assessment

Is our church healthy? How do we know? And why does it matter?

SBTC Empower Conference

Febr 28 & Mar 1

Irving Convention Center

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Canada joins list of nations banning conversion therapy

OTTOWA, Canada (BP) – A Canadian law banning any form of conversion therapy, broadly defined as treatment or counseling aimed at changing a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity, went into effect Jan. 7. Known as …

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