Beruit Trip

During the Christmas-New Year’s break, I traveled along with 20 other hearty souls to Beirut, Lebanon. My concept of the area was one of militant extremists and veiled women. It was not like that at all. Lebanon is about as Muslim as America is Christian. There is an influence, but the overarching culture is very secular. We were able to speak freely and safely as we went door-to-door witnessing and distributing Bibles.

Lebanon is the gateway to the Middle East. If we want to change the mindset in the stricter Muslim countries, we can do it through the work in Lebanon. Plans are being made to expand our partnership with the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention and the nationals in Lebanon.

Several SBTC leaders went on the trip: Mac Brunson (FBC, Dallas); Steve Washburn (FBC, Pflugerville); Lamar Cooper (The Criswell College) and Terry Coy (SBTC staff). I would encourage you to prayerfully consider making the next trip to evangelize the lost and encourage the believers in this strategic country.

Right upon us is the emPower Evangelism Conference. Much planning, work and prayer has gone on in the last year. The speakers and musicians are the best ever. This is a time of inspiration, encouragement and challenge. I hope every pastor will attend. Set aside the time to be with us on Monday and Tuesday.

On Tuesday at noon, the annual Cooperative Program Luncheon will be held. IMB President Jerry Rankin is the guest speaker. We will hear what God is doing through our SBC missionaries and once again be blessed by the news about the Cooperative Program.

Pastor, consider bringing some laypersons to the conference and luncheon. This is the best occasion for you to ignite a passion for souls and commitment in your laypersons. Layperson, this conference is for you. Plan to attend.

God is beginning to stir a fire of spiritual awakening in Texas. Be a part of what He is doing. See you in Arlington.

Your servant in Christ,
Jim Richards

Executive Director Emeritus
Jim Richards
Southern Baptists of Texas Convention
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