Jacksonville College hosts Harvard-trained biologist

JACKSONVILLE—Nathaniel Jeanson, a Harvard-trained Ph.D. from the Institute for Creation Research (ICR) in Dallas, gave a series of creation science talks at Jacksonville College in Jacksonville, Oct. 9-10. Students, faculty, and others from the community attended the presentations on dinosaurs, modern science, and the Bible as part of the Manley Distinguished Lectures Series.
On Oct. 9, Jeanson spoke on the unmistakable evidence for creation and design at the cellular level in his talk titled “An Easy ‘Cell.’”

Jeanson, who is deputy director for life sciences research at ICR, highlighted the mass volumes of information that are compressed at the cellular level. Using Darwin’s own test for evolution, Jeanson attempted to show the failure of evolution to account for the origin of the first cell and how the process of human development from a single cell proclaims God’s omnipotence and super-intelligence.

During his Oct. 10 chapel lecture, Jeanson spoke on “The Mystery of the Dinosaurs: What Does the Evidence Say?” He explored questions surrounding the dinosaurs, from their diet to the cause of their extinction. Jeanson demonstrated that the scientific evidence from multiple research fields is consistent with the biblical framework outlined in Genesis chapters 1-11. He also highlighted data pointing towards a global flood and recent creation within the last 10,000 years. Jeanson concluded by addressing common objections to the young-earth model, including the results of radiometric dating and the feasibility of fitting animals on Noah’s Ark.

Jeanson also addressed the central question of Darwinian evolution in his lecture titled “Revisiting the Origin of Species: What Does the Evidence Really Say?” Illustrating a simple three-step method for thinking biblically, Jeanson showed the audience that species appear “designed, deadly, diverse, and discontinuous” and that these four observations exactly fit the Scriptural teaching on the origin of species. He also refuted the scientific claims commonly cited in support of Darwin’s hypothesis—the 99 percent genetic similarity between humans and chimpanzees, the existence of “vestigial” organs and “junk” DNA, and the anatomical similarity among diverse species.

Jeanson joined the research staff at ICR in 2009 after completing his Ph.D. in cell and developmental biology at Harvard University. He was appointed deputy director for life science research in spring of 2012. ICR’s growing research department is currently investigating questions related to astronomy, the fossil record, the global flood of Noah’s day, the Ice Age, and the origin of species.

Jacksonville College (jacksonville-college.edu) is a two-year college owned by the Baptist Missionary Association of Texas and affiliated with the SBTC. ICR, begun by Henry Morris in 1970, is on the web at icr.org.

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