ERLC offers citizenship help through new website

A new website of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission? answers to common questions about voting and even offers a quiz that purports to show which political party matches one’s views.

In a link titled ‘Why Bother?” the questions include: “Does my vote rally matter?” and “Does the president have any real influence on the direction of our nation?”

On the latter question, the website gives the following response:

“Yes. Consider the fact that the person elected President will appoint Federal Judges, and perhaps Supreme Court Justices, who will serve for life and influence faith and family issues for a generation to come. Consider the power and the reach of the Judiciary in the following examples:

• The Federal Appeals Court which recently ruled that public school students’ recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance is unconstitutional because it contains two words: “Under God.”

• The U. S. Supreme Court, which recently opened the door to homosexual marriage when the majority declared state laws against sodomy illegal and essentially established homosexuality as a constitutional right.”

The site also offers a legal do’s and don’t’s link for pastors as well as voter registration resources and candidate contact information for every state.

The site urges web surfers to register to vote, register friends to vote, vote values, and pray.

Christian voters may also find the National Right to Life Committee website helpful. Information on important sanctity of life legislation can be found, as well as voting records and contact information on political office holders, at

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