Andrew, the overlooked apostle

I wonder if Andrew experienced discouragement as his ministry played out? He and his brother Peter were called by Christ at the same time and then selected by Christ to be among the 12. But, then their paths diverged. Peter got to be one of the three, Andrew didn’t. Peter went up on the Mount of Transfiguration, Andrew didn’t. Peter preached the famous sermon at Pentecost, Andrew didn’t. Peter was THE apostle to the Jews, Andrew wasn’t. Peter wrote books of the Bible, Andrew didn’t. I wonder if Andrew was ever tempted to question the impact of his ministry or to wonder if he had done something wrong?

I hope Andrew figured out that in every generation, the Lord raises up a few Peters to attain to needed extraordinary influence, but the truth is, the kingdom of God gloriously runs on 1,000s of Andrews—ordinary, faithful pastors and pastor’s wives shepherding the flock of God to which he assigns them. And like Andrew surely felt discouraged at times, we do to. Jealousy, disappointment, loneliness, resentment, loss of joy for ministry, church conflict and personal family pressures are very real issues we face in the ministry.

I want to personally invite you to the upcoming Encourager Conference designed to provide both personal and practical ministry encouragement for pastor’s wives and pastors. We are going to be reminded we can be ordinary pastor’s wives and pastors and experience fruitful, satisfying ministries. The kingdom of God needs 1,000s like us—Christ-called, Spirit-filled pastors’ wives and pastors faithfully shepherding the sheep of God’s hand. This will be a weekend to recharge and find renewal; extraordinary encouragement for ordinary pastor couples.

Join us in College Station April 21-22. For more information, go to

Nathan Lino
Northeast Houston Baptist Church
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