Never stop sharing the Good News

Personal evangelism is something that comes natural to a new believer. Remembering back almost 37 years, I told my mom, school friends and others the day after trusting Christ what I had done. What I can’t remember is when I started thinking how difficult it is to share my faith with unbelievers.

When I first surrendered to preach, I thought I was supposed to be a vocational evangelist. During my college years I preached a number of youth-led revivals. For some reason it has been over 20 years since I have been asked to preach one of those.

Evangelism was always the priority of the church where I pastored. Some churches were more enthusiastic than others. Virtually every week I went into the community to present the gospel. I wanted the church to follow my example and know my heart. Direct, confrontational evangelism was my most used and effective method.

Annually, evangelists would come into the church to lead in a series of worship times designed to present the gospel to the lost. Most of the churches I served were small and medium size, but God gave us souls. It was always glorious to see people come to Christ.

As a director of missions and now a state convention employee, I have little connection with community. My wife and I have witnessed to just about everyone in a two-block area around our home. I have to work at being a witness, though.

Just this week I was able to share Jesus with a seeker. He did not pray to receive Christ. I wish I could give you a success story. More often than not, the people I share with don’t pray to receive Christ. It is not for me to produce results. I am only to be faithful.

You know, it really isn’t difficult to share the gospel with unbelievers. We make it difficult out of timidity, fear, excuses, and not wanting to be inconvenienced when we have more “important” things to do. I am not a great soul-winner, but I don’t want to ever stop trying in the power of the Holy Spirit to lead someone else to Jesus.

Plan to be at the Empower Evangelism Conference, Feb. 5-7. You will be encouraged, convicted, enlightened and challenged to share Jesus as Lord and Savior.

Yours for souls,

Jim Richards

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Executive Director Emeritus
Jim Richards
Southern Baptists of Texas Convention
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