Reach Texas Offering fuels effective, cooperative work

Which ministry of the SBTC is the most widely used and needed by the churches? What service do we provide that ministers to the most churches? What qualifies the SBTC to be the catalyst for funds and participation? There are many resources provided by the SBTC. There are many reasons for churches to come together in the network we call the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention. There is one reason that rises above the others.

Megachurches and large membership churches can provide many services for themselves. They can do their own discipleship training, deacon retreats, media services, and the myriad of other church ministries. Small and medium-size membership churches look to the association or state convention for these services. The SBTC does an excellent job in providing over 100 different resources for churches.

Emerging generational leadership demands a reason for state conventions to receive their support. Desiring to get the “biggest bang for the buck,” these young leaders want to network with services that meet their congregations? needs and help them carry out the Great Commission.

There is no other functional aspect that provides a more widespread service to all churches of all stripes than a statewide missions strategy. While one church can plant another church or two, no one church can develop and implement a strategy to reach an entire state.

Partnering with the SBTC in “Reach Texas” missions is the most effective way to maximize the outreach of every single church for Texas. Let me share with you some aspects of “Reach Texas.”

A Week of Prayer is designated for Sept. 19-26. This is a time to call the believers to intercede for state missionaries and the people they seek to reach with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Demographics, spirit-led church planters and sponsoring churches all help determine the under-evangelized and un-evangelized areas of Texas. These are the places where the emphasis of financial and people resources are directed.

An offering is received from Sept. 2004 through Aug. 2005 to provide funding for missionary salaries, mission services and direct evangelism. A goal of $1 million dollars has been set. Zero dollars go to administrative costs.

God has allowed the SBTC to see 240 new church starts with a phenomenal survival rate of over 75 percent. Planning, praying, coaching, mentoring and financial support are all components that make this possible.

September is Texas Missions Month. The “Reach Texas” emphasis will be in full swing. This is the greatest opportunity for us as a group of churches to tell the story of Jesus to Texas. Let’s reach Texas together. We are stronger, together.

Executive Director Emeritus
Jim Richards
Southern Baptists of Texas Convention
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