Two years ago, a group of college leaders decided local church leaders needed a space to bring students for the purposes of helping them cast vision for being disciple-makers and to mobilize them with the gospel. Last year, the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention’s collegiate ministry pulled this off and hosted more than 300 students, encouraging them to be inspired and equipped in the mission of God at our College Discipleship Conference.

This year, we want you and your students here. Here are five reasons you should bring your local church college ministry to the College Discipleship Conference:

1. It’s mission critical.

That’s a bit dramatic, but here’s what I mean: you’re leading the most moldable and sendable demographic, and the world is not becoming more Christian, but less. This generation has the potential to change that. You have the unique opportunity to empower this generation to make a difference!

2. It will reinforce the vision of your college ministry.

Sometimes it takes a secondary voice to reinforce the things you have already been saying and the vision you have been casting. This will be a huge support in doubling down on the vision of your college ministry. You preach to your students about the need to be disciples who make disciples. You want them to be missionaries where they live, work, study, and play. This event will reinforce those values.

3. It will help you raise up laborers in your ministry.

One thing I see in a lot of college ministry leaders is they feel like they are trying to accomplish the Great Commission alone. This conference will help inspire and equip college students to lead the college ministry you’ve been entrusted with. The hope of this event is that it will help distribute the weight of responsibility in the task and empower your students to make disciples like they never have before.

4. Your college students will meet other college students who are living on mission.

Students will get to collaborate with other college students, getting to know them on a personal level and learning from one other about how to make disciples on their campus and in their community. This gives students a greater vision and helps them realize they are not the only ones on this mission.

5. You will make friends with other college ministry leaders.

The silver bullet of a successful ministry is relationships. Getting to learn from other leaders will help you become a better leader. There is always someone you can learn from and there is always someone who can learn from you. You will get to meet other local church college ministry leaders who are doing ministry just like you.

Don’t miss out on this! We would love to see you and your students reach your campus and community like never before. If you have any questions, please reach out to me