God’s not done with you!

I’ve discovered amazing things about the greatest men and women of Scripture. In reading their stories, I see a common theme. Because of their actions, circumstances, or age, they believed God was done with them.   

In their lives, I saw dead-ends, horrific mistakes, valleys of discouragement, and seasons of doubt. Their stories, despite the hopeless situations they faced, have encouraging and surprising conclusions. Their final testimony was, “God’s not done with me!”  

Let me personalize this—God’s not done with you, either!  

At times, it certainly seems like God is finished with us. I’ve been in seasons where I wondered if God even knew where I was. As a pastor, I’ve walked with many who’ve pondered, “Where are you, God? How will you meet me in this mess?” 

Let me encourage you with this: The God who intervened in the lives of those Bible characters can do the same for yours. Their stories are recorded so that you might experience God in your own life.   

Remember Elijah? This great prophet went from supernatural victory on Mount Carmel to a dark valley of discouragement in just hours—a stunning reversal.  Elijah was so weary, discouraged, and empty that he prayed, “It is enough … take my life.” This is what I call the dark night of the soul. So many have been there.  

God shines light into Elijah’s dark season with a personal encounter on a mountain. In that encounter, God changed Elijah’s perspective and gave him the next step he needed to get up and finish strong. God was not done with Elijah. Elijah’s greatest fear was an embarrassing death at the hands of Jezebel, but in the end, he doesn’t die. How’s that for an amazing comeback?

"The God who intervened in the lives of those Bible characters can do the same for yours. Their stories are recorded so that you might experience God in your own life."

When my wife and I walked through a similar time of discouragement and depression, we learned that the God of Elijah still meets with men and women and gives them hope. He did that for us. Decades later, we still remember those great moments where God intervened. 

Many may wonder, “How does God orchestrate these kinds of comebacks in life?” Then we remember that He is God, and if you’ll pay attention, He sends reminders to us all through history: 

Elijah was discouraged.  
Moses was angry.
David was in sin. 
Esther faced a hopeless situation.
Abigail stood between two angry men.
Peter became disillusioned with Jesus. 

Each could have concluded, “God’s done with me.” Each would have been wrong. God brought each of them through difficult seasons and let them experience incredible things on the other side.

“God’s not done with you” is a way of thinking—a perspective of life. If you’re still here, God’s not done with you. It is just like God to cause the latter chapters of your life to be much greater than former ones. Believe that He has a plan for you.

Remember Paul’s words in Philippians 3:13-14: Forget what lies behind and reach forward to what lies ahead. God’s not done with you!

Senior Pastor
John Meador
Cross City Church in Euless
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