Make the most of every moment

Afew months ago, my sons came to me asking questions about starting a business. After doing some research, my wife and I helped them start an inflatable rental business. While their dream is to have a business of their own while in school, my dream is to use opportunities like this to pour into their lives. 

We often consider discipleship a formal gathering in which we walk through Scripture in a systematic way or discuss a book we have been reading. I love doing both of those things. However, for our family, discipleship can happen in every moment we spend together. This is why I love helping my boys work on their business so much. We get to have robust conversations about Scripture, faith, life, and many other things. 

As I was riding with one of my sons the other day and thinking through this crazy way God is creating margin for me to disciple them, three thoughts about discipleship came to mind: 

1. Every moment counts.

Every moment we spend with others counts right now, but also for eternity. My sons and I can dive into all kinds of topics as we work together on their business, yet we always come back to the teachings of Jesus. These moments are precious, and I am constantly reminded that I won’t get these moments back.

2. Every word matters.

What I say to my children carries weight in their lives. God has bestowed upon me the responsibility to lead them in the ways of His righteousness. As I speak to my sons, I must speak the words of life. I must constantly bring them back to the truths of the Bible, teaching them that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. I must carefully choose my words because they will ultimately infiltrate my kids’ minds and hearts.

3. Every interaction requires intentionality.

Discipleship rarely happens without intentionality. We don’t just happen to help someone grow in their faith. It is hard work and requires patience. When I am with my sons, I must choose to lead the conversation to spiritual truths. We could talk about other things, like football or barbecue. However, because every moment counts and every word matters, I choose to take these moments as a gift from God to lead and disciple those He has put closest to my heart.

"As you go throughout life, I pray you find unique ways to walk alongside someone God has put in your life who needs to be discipled."

I love our church. I love our small group. I love walking people through Scripture as they grow in their relationship with Christ. However, these days my heart longs for every moment I spend driving down those back roads delivering inflatables with my boys. These are the discipleship moments I look forward to most. I thank God for their crazy dreams and ideas. I thank God that He has created this unique season I get to share with my boys. I thank God that I get to deposit something in them that I pray lasts a lifetime. 

As you go throughout life, I pray you find unique ways to walk alongside someone God has put in your life who needs to be discipled. I pray you soak up every moment as it happens and trust God to use your life and words to make an impact in the life of someone else for His glory! I love you and am honored to serve you.

Executive Director
Nathan Lorick
Southern Baptists of Texas Convention
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