What’s your story? ‘God is making this last part of my life wonderful’

Kay Meers (Mama Kay) finds joy in serving at Cross City North, Trophy Club.

At my church [Cross City North, Trophy Club], I’m known as “Mama Kay.” When I told my pastor, Kent Wells, to call me that, he said, “Well, every church needs a Mama Kay.” So, I’m Mama Kay—all the children know me. Being a greeter at my church and pouring out God’s love on people is the greatest reward I could have.

But I didn’t start out at Cross City’s north campus. I was at the Euless campus [formerly First Baptist Church of Euless] for 27 years. I lived close enough to that location, and I didn’t want to travel any further. My husband had been ill with some strokes for many years. And in that church, I had been part of the choir for eight years and worked in a newborn children’s nursery for some years. I was an outreach leader and an inreach leader—I just thoroughly enjoyed being there. I had a wonderful Sunday school group. And then my husband died in 2017.

I found myself not wanting to go back to church for a while because, for one thing, it was a long drive to make by myself. In bad weather, I wouldn’t do it. I felt so bad about missing church, but it was just a fact of life that I was 80 years old, and that was just a lot for me. After my husband passed away, my granddaughter insisted I come live close to her in Trophy Club, which was a longer commute to Euless. 

After I moved, Pastor John Meador saw a need in this part of the Metroplex for another church. He’d been looking for a place to plant a church, and they looked around my area. I didn’t hear much talk about it because I was just going to Sunday school sometimes and not church. We had a vote on it one Sunday when I was there, and they voted to go ahead and start this campus, Cross City North. And I thought, my goodness, this is going to be in Trophy Club. 

"I feel like I’ve had a reawakening of my spiritual life, of worship, and serving God in a joyful and more meaningful way than I ever thought possible at my age."

Image Courtesy of Cross City North

We were going to be meeting temporarily at Byron Nelson High School, three minutes from my house.  I just said to myself, “Well, God, you saw that I was having a hard time getting to church, and you just sent a church out to me!” And let me tell you, I rejoiced about that. The Sunday after we passed the vote, I stopped the new campus pastor in the hall and I said, “Kent, my name is Kay Meers and I live in Trophy Club, and I’m going to be coming to the new church to see if it’s where I need to be.” His face lit up. And he says, “Well, let me tell you, I can just see your smiling face greeting at the door of our new church.” And so, I went the very first Sunday. There was just something about it. There was an excitement there. I’d never been part of planting a new church before. 

I did go up to him after the sermon, and I said, “Kent, I really have enjoyed it here, but I feel such a loyalty to my Sunday school class back in Euless. We’ve been together for years. We’re all hitting 80 now and there’s deaths and illness, and I just don’t know if I can make the break.” And he says, “Well, Kay, I’ll promise you one thing. If you stay over here with us, we’ll keep you young and happy.” I decided to stay, and it was just so neat to get in the car and go three minutes to church. I didn’t miss a Sunday, I don’t think, for the first year.

But there have been some challenges. I had a little illness and had to lay out for a few Sundays. One time I had to have a heart procedure on a Wednesday and got home from the hospital on Friday, but I was at church on Sunday. My pastor said to the rest of our church, “Kay Meers is here today. No matter what, she was knocked out cold, but she managed to get to church today.”

And then my son died of cancer in August. For about four months, he needed someone to take care of him. I was eager to get to church on Sunday, but I had to miss a few weeks. My daughter goes to another church, but we would trade out. She’d stay one Sunday morning so I could come to church, and I’d stay the next Sunday morning so she could go to church. But we were there with David the whole time, one of us, the whole family. My whole church was so kind to me during that time. 

I feel like I’ve had a reawakening of my spiritual life, of worship, and serving God in a joyful and more meaningful way than I ever thought possible at my age. It’s just been a joy to me—an absolute joy. And I’m so grateful to God for making this last part of my life so wonderful. I’m loved and respected and happy. Even through the death of my husband and the death of my son, God has given me a peace and a comfort that I didn’t know was possible during grieving. He has really been wonderful to me. I know that this was His plan for me and my reward for following His path.

I’m just so happy to see everybody and so eager for them to know the happiness that I know. That’s about all I can say. It’s wonderful and I’m happy. And I sure do thank God. I thank my good Lord for all the blessings He’s given me. I thank Him for my life.

What’s my story? The closer you get to Jesus, the more you can love people!

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