Church to give away additional 5% of income

KATY?On May 3, First Baptist Church of Katy unanimously authorized a recommendation to give away 5 percent of all undesignated gifts the church receives. With an annual budget of $3 million, this is a potential $150,000 to help those struggling in the bad economy.

As unemployment hit its highest levels in a generation, many families are suffering. The church will provide aid to members of the church and to residents of the community for help with utility bills, mortgage and rent payments, automobile payments, and more.

Randy White, senior pastor of the church since 2003, said the ministry is needed because most local relief organizations or state-funded assistance plans are only equipped to provide food and clothing, not financial assistance with utilities or other pressing financial obligations.

The church’s program, called “FirstTouch,” is designed to complement current local relief organizations’ efforts with the focus of assistance for financial needs that are outside the guidelines of other area ministries and organizations.

White told his congregation that it had an opportunity to “put our money where our mouth is,” telling them that many times churches are criticized for using their money for posh facilities and elaborate programs for their own members while hungry people are all around them.

The FirstTouch program is being led by a team of church members.

Clint Terrell serves as the chairman of the FirstTouch team. Terrell commented, “I am encouraged that First Baptist Katy has committed its resources to helping the Katy community during this time of need. It confirms the role of the church as a family.”

Terrell said he feels compelled to participate in this ministry personally because of the words of Proverbs 21:13, “If a man shuts his ears to the cry of the poor, he too will cry out and not be answered.”

To be eligible for aid an individual must reside in one of three zip codes surrounding First Baptist Church, or be a member of the congregation. More information is available at

The approval of the FirstTouch Ministry brings the church to a position of giving away 17.5 percent of all undesignated funds it receives.

White said: “God has blessed us spiritually and financially, and we want to respond to his grace through generosity with spiritual and financial blessings at home and around the world.”

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