Praying, Listening’ for God’s presence, power

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This year’s annual meeting of the Southern Baptists of Texas
Convention was one of the best ever. President Byron McWilliams did a superb
job moderating the sessions and preaching a powerful sermon. Pastor Jim
Pritchard brought the convention sermon. It was timely and anointed. The North
American Mission Board missionary commissioning service was special. Numerous
others contributed to the spiritual atmosphere through speaking, singing,
testifying and even reporting. A huge “thank you” is in order to the churches
in the Corpus Christi area for their work. The Crossover evangelism effort
resulted in new followers of Jesus. The SBTC staff did a fine job too.

God spoke to my heart during the time in Corpus Christi. The
“Praying and Listening” theme for the annual meeting provided a highlight
during the sessions. The spiritual impact of people going before the Lord was
experienced in my heart and among the other messengers as well. As we continue
to place ourselves before Him we will see even more powerful displays of His

The Praying and Listening emphasis is extended through 2011.
There are SBTC staff who live among the churches across Texas. To better serve
the churches your staff has created 18 specific zones of ministry. Starting in
March, I along with other SBTC staff will be joining you in prayer meetings in
each zone. We will pray with you and for the churches, associations, the SBTC,
our nation, and the lost. Volunteer prayer facilitators have been secured in
every zone. Through prayer we have the possibility of God breaking through in
our lives. We need a spiritual renewal among God’s people and a spiritual
awakening among those without Christ. Only God can do it.

We will also have a time of “listening.” The context of the
meetings will be sharing the SBTC staff’s vision statement and asking the
question, “How can we help your church accomplish the vision?” The vision
statement is, “We envision every SBTC church effectively fulfilling the Great
Commission by being intentionally evangelistic, missionally engaged and
equipping disciples.” This vision is simply “the Great Commission.” As your
staff, we are listening to God and we want to hear from His people too. Join
with us in praying and listening throughout 2011.

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