Vocational evangelists’ meeting draws 1,000 plus

EULESS?The Conference of Texas Baptist Evangelists met Jan. 31 preceding the Empower Evangelism Conference, drawing more than 1,000 people to First Baptist Church of Euless to hear preachers such as Malcom Ellis, Ronnie Hill and Paige Patterson.


Ellis, Colmesneil-based evangelist, preached from Acts 6:3 about the Jerusalem church’s appointment of the first deacons and used their description as Holy Spirit-filled men to demonstrate the necessity of spirit-filled Christians to serve the church.

Ellis made three observations about the Holy Spirit’s filling of Christians:

4not all believers are filled;

4when one is filled, it’s obvious;

4and the filling of the Spirit is necessary for any ministry.

Ellis noted that the early church sought men full of faith, wisdom and full of the Holy Spirit. Though not a mystical or emotional experience, being spirit-filled makes “an obvious, noticeable difference in your life,” Ellis said.

He noted that at the funeral earlier that day for Rudy Hernandez, a pioneer in Baptist work among Hispanics, that Hernandez’ life testified to the indwelling Holy Spirit, to which his family also testified.

“The fruit of the Spirit hung off the branches of his life like precious apples,” Ellis said.

When someone is filled, “you won’t just go witnessing, you’ll be a witness.”

Ellis also noted that if the filling of the Holy Spirit was necessary for deacons charged with “carrying bread baskets,” it’s crucial for anyone who serves the Lord.

“And don’t let anyone minister on behalf of the church who is not spirit-filled,” noting the application is even for pre-school Sunday School teachers.

Ellis said he is often quizzed by search committees about prospective pastors’ education, experience, temperament or leadership abilities.

“I can never remember being asked, ‘Is this man full of the Holy Spirit?’

In the first church were men full of the Holy Spirit, Ellis noted.

Ellis said the goal of walking in the Spirit is attainable. “If God would fill Philip with the Spirit, he’ll fill you with the Spirit.”


Preaching from 1 Corinthians 2, Hill, a Benbrook-based evangelist, cited Paul’s example to preach not with persuasive words but merely “Jesus Christ and him crucified.”

Hill said evangelists must first remember the message God gave them, the cross, and then remember what God can do. “We don’t have to wax eloquent” or speak with impressive oration or a stage presence. Rather, preachers must preach the simple gospel with Holy-Spirit empowerment, he said.

Hill noted that most church budgets are geared toward adult ministry though most conversions involve people under age 18.

“Is it because the children don’t bring the money?” Hill said. “We have got to beef up this effort and reach this generation now.”

In 1 Corinthians 2:4, Hill explained that Paul had an unimpressive stage presence but spoke “with a demonstration of faith and power.”

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