You are the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention

It is finally here! Ten years in the making. The Southern Baptists of Texas Convention celebrates a decade of ministry. All praise goes to the Lord Jesus.

Oftentimes people think of the convention as a meeting. Only once a year, usually in the fall, do the messengers of the churches gather and conduct business. Over the life of the SBTC very little business has taken place on the floor. The messengers have been pleased with the direction of the work. One observer commented that the SBTC is the happiest group of Baptists on the planet. It is all about the Lordship of Jesus and the grace of God. With all of this noted, the convention is not the meeting that takes place in the fall.

When some speak of the convention they are referring to the staff. The SBTC has a wonderful staff. They love the Lord Jesus. They affirm the Baptist Faith and Message confessional statement (2000). The staff works hard to assist the churches and associations in Texas. Partnering with the Southern Baptist Convention, the staff helps Texans touch the world. While the staff is an unusually gifted group of the Lord’s servants, they are not the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention.

You send messengers to that annual business meeting. You facilitate the work of the staff through the convention’s budget. You have ownership. You fund the missionaries. You come together to strengthen struggling sister churches. You provide for the college student. You provide workers for the disaster relief teams. You make the news that is printed. You plant new churches. You evangelize through Crossover. The Cooperative Program exists because of you. The SBTC is a confessional fellowship of churches. You are the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention. There’s the right answer.

Celebrate the 10 years. It is a milestone. Give God the glory. He alone is worthy. Together let’s continue over the next 10 years to be the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention.

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