90.9 KCBI develops ‘Why’ statement, core values

DALLAS—North Texas radio station 90.9 KCBI has announced its “Why” statement and its core values. The process was open to the entire staff, and most staff members participated in developing the statement and in determining the ministry’s core values.

“The last few years have been nothing short of remarkable, as God has assembled a passionate, results-based team and guided us to a deep understanding of his work through this ministry,” said KCBI General Manager Matt Austin. “I believe that work is clearly defined by the ‘Why’ of KCBI and our newly-established core values.”

The “Why” statement reads, “We believe KCBI is a movement of God to communicate the Good News of Jesus’ love and transforming power.”

The Core Values are:

  • Bible-Minded (what we care most about): God’s Word is our guide as we communicate its truth in everything we do and say.
  • Local (where we work): We serve the people of North Texas through gospel-centered community assistance, outreach and conversation.
  • Authentic (the way we communicate): We express our personal faith and failures in heartfelt, connective and transparent ways.
  • Intentional (how we do our work): We are purposeful in every decision and action, with a commitment to excellence and results.


The “Why” statement and core values further refine the grid under which KCBI operates, keeping the ministry true to its commitment and mission.

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