Criswell Communications plans “Hispanic Radio Day”

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DALLAS?On Jan. 30, Criswell Communications’ flagship station, KCBI (90.9 FM) will broadcast a “Hispanic Radio Day” fund-raiser to boost support for its increasing ministry to the 1.4 million Hispanics in the Dallas-t1:City>Fort Worth area.

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Douglas E. Price, Criswell Communications vice president of operations and chief operating officer, said the ultimate goal is to have a full-powered AM or FM station broadcasting the gospel message in Spanish.

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Meanwhile, Criswell Communications has distributed about 4,000 sub-carrier (SCA) radios that broadcast original Christian programming in Spanish, Price said.

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In December, the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention contributed $5,000 towards the work of Criswell Communications’ Hispanic radio ministry, Red Hispana de Radio Cristiana. Criswell Communications is an entity of the The Criswell Center for Biblical Studies (CCBS), which includes The Criswell College. CCBS is affiliated with the SBTC. KCRN AM and FM in San Angelo and KSYE in Frederick/Lawton, Okla.

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