The day after on Tebow: A trade decision?

Those in the evangelical camp have been pretty straightforward in their criticism of Tim Tebow in pulling out of his scheduled appearance at FBC Dallas. But the pastor at the center of the stir, Robert Jeffress, has not been among them.

“Oh, look, I would never say anything disparaging to Tim Tebow. He is a fine Christian who is trying to do what he thinks is right, and I do think Tim will learn in time that you can’t appease some of the severest critics of Christianity by compromising with them,” Jeffress told The Daily Beast on Thursday.

From Dallas conservative talk show host Mark Davis to California megachurch pastor Rick Warren, it’s mostly been a chorus of criticism and curiosity as to why Tebow blinked on alleged “new information.”

Remember that Tebow is on the trading block. Could it be this “new information” was propaganda by the NY Jets to convince him his trade value would be diminished if he went to First Baptist. If that’s true, he should know better. If an NFL team thinks Tebow could help them next year, his standing on a platform of a biblically conservative church won’t stop them from signing him. I’m not mad at Tebow. Disappointed, yes, but not mad.

I’m willing to charge this one on Tebow’s moral credit card. But he will have to pay later. And when he does by admitting that he, in fact, believes God’s moral standards are the best way to live—yes, even for homosexuals—and that Jesus is the exclusive way of salvation for Republicans, Democrats, Baptists, Catholics, Muslims, Mormons, gays, trangenders, and plain ol’ garden-variety pagans, then he will be scorned—once again. The world loves darkness rather than light. Let it shine anyway, Tim, so that some might believe and be saved. But know this: You will be hated. And that’s … OK.


TEXAN Correspondent
Jerry Pierce
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