Houston pastor Gregg Matte”s newest book calls Christians to be “difference makers”

When Hurricane Harvey devastated Houston in August 2017, Gregg Matte and his congregation at Houston’s First Baptist Church were faced with a question: “Can we make a difference?”

As the church members sought to serve and provide relief to their neighbors, many who lost nearly everything in the storm, Matte guided his church to understand that they were called for such an occasion. If everyone could make at least a little difference, it would multiply into significant results throughout Houston.

In his new book, Difference Makers: How to Live a Life of Influence and Purpose, Matte shows readers through various Bible stories that there are all kinds of difference makers who, if led by the Holy Spirit, can bring gospel change to their world.

“Deep in every heart is a desire to make a difference. We want to live a life of impact and purpose, not just pass the time,” Matte said. “My desire is that Difference Makers would inspire and equip each reader to make a true difference in the lives of those they intersect with every day at home, school or the office.”

LifeWay is also releasing a six-session Bible study, as well as an album of songs written and performed by the music ministry at Houston’s First Baptist Church, both titled Difference Makers and available at LifeWay.com/DifferenceMakers. 

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