Patterson at SBC: God is doing amazing things

INDIANAPOLIS?God is doing amazing things in the lives of Southern Baptists and at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, President Paige Patterson said June 10 during his seminary report at the Southern Baptist Convention.

“Mr. President and fellow messengers, it is my delight to tell you today that while there are a few secular vultures that have landed on the boughs over what they thought was the carcass of the Southern Baptist Convention, they are doomed to disappointment,” Patterson said.

“Our convention is not dead, and as a matter of fact, like the wind that blew through Ezekiel’s valley of dry bones, there is a fresh wind blowing in all of our institutions and in all of our agencies and in all of the churches of our Southern Baptist Zion.”

Patterson told of a recent trip during which he and a seminary professor visited a house church filled with 180 former drug addicts and prostitutes. After preaching the gospel during one of their meetings, 28 people put their faith in Jesus Christ and were baptized at a nearby beach.

“Southwestern Seminary professors and students and graduates are literally all across the globe, repeating that house church situation, as well as many others, wherever the gospel needs to be known,” Patterson said.

“Our students are literally sold out to the task of taking the gospel to the ends of the earth,” he said.

“You’ll find no wimps at Southwestern Seminary. You will find the men and women who come there are taking the Great Commission of our Lord seriously as never before.”

Patterson also noted Southwestern is celebrating its 100th year in 2008, and he invited Southern Baptists to “come on to Fort Worth and see what God is doing at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.”

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