SBTC launches Women”s Prayer Network

Grapevine “Women are going to get together, but when we get together we should really be talking to God,” said Camille Minor, who was recently named head of the new SBTC Women’s Prayer Network. 

The idea for the initiative was birthed from a desire by prayer strategist Ted Elmore to capitalize on and expand a culture of prayer that he said has always existed among women in the church. 

“The women in the churches, historically, currently, are some of the greatest people of prayer in our churches,” Elmore said. “They are the prayer warriors in the home. They are the prayer warriors in the church. They are the ones that are behind the scenes. We need to cooperate with what God is already doing.” 

The ministry will connect groups of women from churches throughout the state and encourage them to meet together regularly to pray. 

Minor, whose husband is pastor of Anderson Mill Baptist Church in Austin, said she has been privileged throughout her life to learn from the examples of many faithful women who have devoted themselves to prayer. Her hope is to see more and more women connecting over this shared desire to turn to Jesus.

“Even though there may be turmoil in our family, our church, or our nation, the Bible says in Luke 18:1 that Jesus told a parable to show that in all times they ought to pray and not lose heart,” Minor said. “As women, we’re not to give up or turn to other things for comfort; we’re to persevere in prayer.”

The Women’s Prayer Network will focus on praying for the home, the church, pastors, non-believers and the nation. 

“I want there to be a river of prayer all over Texas, where women are getting together in groups and praying. Maybe it’s once a month, maybe more often.”

Aside from fostering deeper relationships with the Lord, Minor also believes the network will break down walls and barriers between women in the church. 

“What I’ve seen in my own life is that meeting with other women to pray has been the one thing that has caused unity,” she said. “We may not agree with everything, but when you get together and you’re praying in the name of Jesus together, there’s a unity and a joy that you can’t really explain any other way.”

For more information on the Women’s Prayer Network, visit

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