Resolution of partnership passed by TBM board

Whereas the Mission Statement of the Texas Baptist Men mandates that we assist Texas Baptist Churches as they lead their men into a love relationship with Jesus Christ that will thrust them and their families into a lifestyle of missions and ministry, and
Whereas Texas Baptist Men believe the Bible is the source of this mission statement and mandate, and are convinced that the Bible is the accurate witness to the miracles that happened (in the precise time and space) as recorded, Texas Baptist Men believe the events of the Bible are historically accurate and that every word of the Bible was breathed by God through those He chose to be the authors, and
Whereas Jesus’ life is the model for the ministries of Texas Baptist Men–for example as Jesus in His miracle of multiplying the loaves and fish to feed a hungry multitude so Texas Baptist Men respond in times of disaster to feed the hungry; as Jesus is the builder of His church, Texas Baptist Men respond by building church buildings which are the houses that local churches use; as Jesus taught His followers to walk in a deep love relationship with Him, Texas Baptist Men respond through Kingdom Renewal, and
Whereas Texas Baptist Men believe that salvation is God’s grace gift to anyone who responds to Him through faith, that believers should identify with Him through baptism by immersion, and that this gift of salvation is an eternal relationship with Him, and
Whereas Texas Baptist Men believe that those whom God calls to Himself in salvation are also called and gifted to serve Him, Texas Baptist Men provide varied ministries as entry points allowing men and their families to be on mission with Him, and
Whereas Texas Baptist Men believe the Bible is the final authority for our faith and practice and the ministries of Texas Baptist Men are God led and Biblically based enabling men and their families to live out that love relationship with Him and fulfill the Great Commission.
Therefore, be it resolved, that Texas Baptist Men go on record, by board action, that we continue unabated to live in an unique affiliation and partnership with the Baptist General Convention of Texas and that we continue to partner with other state conventions in their Baptist Men’s ministry in cooperation with the North American Mission Board and the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention and thus we will officially work with the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention and their churches in a mutually supportive relationship, and with all associations of Baptist churches in Texas to assist them to encourage the men in their churches to be a part of the family of Texas Baptist Men as we work together for the glory of God.

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