Cell phone challenge yields souls

FORT WORTH  Among the anecdotes from the annual Student Evangelism Conference, one stands above the rest, said Brad Bunting, SBTC youth evangelism associate.

During the final session of the conference, where 66 students made professions of faith and 133 signified a ministry calling, Greg Stier of dare2share Ministry offered a challenge.

“If you have a cell phone with you, hold it up.”

Hands went up all around the auditorium at Harvest Baptist Church. The students had already been prepped on how to share the gospel story with others. Then came the challenge.

Call a friend who is not a Christian and share the gospel with them, Stier said. After praying the students began dialing. Stier took some pressure off by telling the kids they could say a speaker at the conference had asked them to do it.

“You had kids all over the foyer and auditorium talking on their phones,” Bunting said. “I know of three people coming to Christ because of that and several contacts to follow up on.”

“One teenage girl called her grandfather and he prayed to receive Christ right there. The students responded phenomenally to that.”

Online Editor
Aaron Earls
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